Lost or Missing Teeth?
Loose Dentures?

Implants can be an excellent, permanent solution to missing teeth. They look and function like natural teeth. They are set straight into the jaw, just like your healthy teeth, so there are no additional supports, adhesives or dental creams required, and no damage or discomfort to surrounding teeth or gums.

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If you’re exploring dental implants as a permenant solution to lost or missing teeth, with Dental Rooms Wimbledon you can be assured of:

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If you have problems with dentures, or all your teeth are loose or problematic, ‘Smile in a Day’ (also known as All-On-4) is a procedure which allows you to have a full set of teeth with only four implants, with the whole process taking place in one day. This gives you a second chance at the feeling of a mouth full of stable, ‘permanent’ teeth.

Benefits of replacing a full set of teeth with implants, rather than dentures, include:

  • Improved smile – Replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
  • The ability to chew with confidence, without pain or gum irritation
  • Improved taste and appetite
  • Improved quality of life
  • No need for dentures
  • Long lasting solution


Patients and practitioners alike celebrate the wide variety of life-changing benefits implants offer, including:

Natural & Realistic – Dental implants are just like natural teeth in look, feel and sensation; smile and chew with confidence!

Hassle Free Eating – Dentures or missing teeth can make eating painful or irritating; with dental implants, you can eat without hassle again!

Bone & Facial Structure – Missing teeth lead to loss of bone mass, which can create a ‘sunken’ look around the mouth. Keep your jaw strong with dental implants

Single Implants Available from just £166 a month! 


Replacing multiple teeth can often save the patient both time and money; when, for instance,  3 teeth in a row are replaced, your implantologist may be able to just place 2 screws to secure your 3 new teeth, in a swifter procedure.

Implants are put in place by a specialist dentist. This procedure takes about 1 hour under local anaesthetic for a single implant. In some cases, a temporary tooth, or teeth is placed at this stage.

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